Good Souces of Geoscience Information

 Care must be used in accepting information given out on the web. It might be incorrect. Remember anyone can make and distribute info on the world wide web. Likewise, just because something is in a film or on TV, in a book, or said in a lecture by a university professor or someone else does not always mean it is correct. To a large degree you are going to have to use your good judgement to evaluate what information is probably correct.To assist you with getting a start on finding reliable information we have listed below some web sites that we consider to be sources of reliable geoscience information.


Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife

Books and Reports, Bureau of Economic Geology -State of Texas

Home Page - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality -

U.S. Geological Survey

 The Geological Society of America - Welcome!

 AAPG's Home Page.  American Association of Petroleum Geologists

AGIWEB Home Page - American Geological Institute

NASA Homepage

 Welcome to the United States Environmental Protection Agency's Homepage

 National Weather Service Home Page -U.S. Government warnings & forecasts

 NOAA Home Page Main Page - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Federal Emergency Management Agency U.S. Dept. of Energy


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