Gary W. Shanafelt, Ph.D.
             Professor of History, Emeritus
             Department of History
             McMurry University
             Abilene, TX 79697

The double-eagle crest above was the symbol of the Habsburgs, a family that ruled Central Europe for centuries.
To learn more about them, ask Dr. Shanafelt or click on the crest.

Office: McWhiney Collection, Jay-Rollins Library
Office Hours:
Whenever I'm here, or by appointment
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Office Phone: (325) 793-4698
Home Phone: (325) 677-6959

Klatovy, Czech Republic

From the Archive — Course Syllabi

History 1310: World Civilization to 1500
History 1320: World Civilization Since 1500
History 2300: Persons and Communities
History 2320: United States Since 1865
History 2330: Leadership, Excellence, and Virtue in World History
History 3331: Modern Britain
History 3360: Renaissance and Reformation
History 3363: Nineteenth Century Europe
History 3364: Twentieth Century Europe
History 4360: Russia and the Soviet Union
History 4365: Modern Germany
History 4375: Special Topics: Modern International Relations
History 4375: Special Topics: Eastern Europe in Modern Times

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