History 4375 —  Fall 1995
G. Shanafelt


E. Garrison Walters, The Other Europe: Eastern Europe to 1945
Edward Crankshaw, The Fall of the House of Habsburg
Joseph Rothschild, Return to Diversity, 2nd edition
Ivo Andrić, The Bridge on the Drina

Course Requirements
The subject of this course is Eastern Europe.  While this term is open to all sorts of definitions, the course will define it as, roughly, the area of Europe east of Germany and west of Russia. The events in this area which fill the newspaper headlines today are scarcely comprehensible without reference to the area’s complex, fascinating, and often tragic history.  This course will attempt to introduce the main forces and personalities that shaped Eastern European history in the past, and continue to shape it today.
Your grade in the course will be computed from three noncomprehensive tests and an 8-page paper.  For the latter, you’ll choose one of the modern states of Eastern Europe, discuss the problems it faces since the collapse of communism, and, based on an assessment of its past historical record, analyze its prospects of overcoming them.  The paper and the three tests will each be weighted 25% of your total grade.

Proposed Class and Reading Schedule
Aug 31: Introduction: The “Lands Between” 
Sept 5: Origins 
Sept 7: Árpáds and Hussites 
      Walters, 1-25 
Sept 12: The Turkish Wave 
Sept 14: The Rise of the Habsburgs 
      Walters, 25-46 
      Crankshaw, 3-15 
      Andrić, 13-81. 
Sept 19: Enlightenment and Revolution 
Sept 21: Absolutism and Liberalism 
      Crankshaw, 19-45 
      Walters, 110-131 
      Andrić, 82-112 
Sept 26: 1848: Springtime of the Peoples 
Sept 28: The Road to the Ausgleich 
      Walters, 47-90 
      Crankshaw, 169-230 
Oct 3: From Austria to Austria-Hungary 
Oct 5: Fin de Siecle Vienna 
      Crankshaw, 233-320 
      Andrić, 113-223 
Oct 10: Shtetls and Stock Exchanges 
Oct 17: Balkan Ferment 
Oct 19: Sarajevo 
      Walters, 90-109 
      Crankshaw, 323-389 
      Andriæ, 224-314 

Oct 24: World War I 
Oct 26: 1919: The New Europe 
      Walters, 132-149 
      Crankshaw, 390-419 

Oct 31: The Twenty Years’ Truce 
Nov 2: Winners: Poland, Yugoslavia, Romania 
      Rothschild, 3-24 
      Walters, 150-188, 219-250 
Nov 7: Losers: Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania 
Nov 9: Masaryk’s Czechoslovakia 
      Walters, 205-218, 251-269 
      Rothschild, 25-75 
Nov 14: World War II 
      Walters, 270-307 
Nov 21: The Communist Takeovers 
      Rothschild, 76-123 
      Walters, 308-363 
[Thanksgiving Vacation] 
Nov 28: Stalin’s Eastern Europe 
Nov 30: From Nagy to Dubèek 
      Rothschild, 124-190 
Dec 5: The First Cracks: Poland and Hungary 
Dec 7: 1989 
      Rothschild, 191-265 
Dec 12: Disaster: Yugoslavia 
Dec 14: Conclusion: Plus Ça Change...?