HIST 4345 ** Summer II 2002

U.S. Military History

Dr. Bob Wettemann
Email:  wettemar@mcmurryadm.mcm.edu
Office:  Old Main 207
Office hours:  By appointment

Required Readings:
James K. Martin and Mark Lender, A Respectable Army
Grady McWhiney and Perry Jamieson, Attack and Die
Roscoe Blunt, Footsoldier
Lt. Gen. Harold Moore and Joseph Galloway, We Were Soldiers Once . . . And Young
Mark Bowden, Black Hawk Down

Course outline and goals:  The course emphasizes the American military experience from the colonial era to the present.  Although some emphasis will be placed on military leaders, soldiers, and the battles in which they fought, the primary emphasis of this course will be upon the evolution of the American military establishment, and the development of a uniquely American military tradition and/or way of waging war.

600 points will be offered during this five week course, organized as follows:

On 15, 22, 29 July, and on 5 August (the Mondays of each week), there will be a short, 100 point exam at the beginning of each period.  This exam will cover the material addressed during the previous week, as well as the outside reading for weeks 1-4.  Each exam will consist of one essay (drawn primarily from the book),  and 5 identification items (you will be offered a choice).  These exams will be worth a collective total of 400 points.

On 8 August, you will take the final exam that will consist of two parts.  The first will be identical to the previous exams, and will include materials from the lectures as well as for the readings in week 5.  The second portion will be comprehensive in nature, and will address the larger questions regarding the emergence and nature of an American military tradition.  This exam will be worth 200 points.

Attendance will be taken.  Absences in excess of two will result in a grade reduction of one letter grade for each absence beyond the second.  Keep in mind that this is an intensive course, and missing one day constitutes missing two in a regular MWF schedule.

Make up exams will not be given.