Are You Fun Enough for a 5th Grader?

by gwilson on Apr.20, 2011, under Uncategorized

jeff_3People around the world have been drawn to Jeff Foxworthy’s game show – Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? The game show puts a lone individual at the mercy of a group of bright and talented 5th graders and challenges them to answer common questions any 5th grader should have seen at some point in their brief educational career.  Truth be told, we all want to know we’re smarter than a 12 year old and we all want our rising generation to be smart and capable, ready to face the problems 20 years that we’ve not solved today.

You may recall that last semester the students in BIMS 1300 Intro to Scientific Research created games as their final project, a way to demonstrate how the skills and methods of science are commonly encountered when playing typical board games.  This semester, the stakes were raised by asking four teams in the BIMS 1300 class to create games for 5th graders.  McMurry’s 5th Grade Science & Math Magnet Class students (the “McMagnets”) were asked about their favorite games and what they would like to see in a new game.  Those responses are helping to guide the BIMS teams in the creation of their games.  These are the preliminary ideas under construction:

  • Germ-a-lot.  This board game features home castles, moats and draw bridges, an Ogre, and catapults used to knock down your opponent.  Players roll the dice and navigate along a path between swamp and forest as they answer questions and collect chances to shoot at their opponents with a catapult.  Last player standing wins.  The Germ-a-lot title plays off of Camelot and the fact that plagues and other germ-centered elements of the game make this a title a logical choice.
  • The Pyramid.  Though one might consider the Egyptian version, this game will center on Central American/Mexican pyramids in a jungle setting.  As this game concept only emerged two days ago, the directions and ending of game play still are in their formative stages.  However, there will be a journey along the game board through jungle and hazards before players reach the 3-D pyramid with pitfalls.  They will have to collect equipment for the journey along the way and scale the pyramid to win the game.  One unique feature is the concept of partners having to cooperate and help one another so that both can reach the summit and win the game.
  • Junior High.  This clever game allows students to make choices and move through their junior high years.  At each fork in the road is a decision point where good or bad decisions await the player.  Players must choose friends and activities through their school year, and can use the occasion of each new school year to make changes and adjust who they are and what they do.  Should prove to be a great learning tool for guiding young players to make smart choices.
  • Body Building.  Players roll dice to move their tokens around a game board shaped like the human body.  Depending on the color of space landed on, the player must answer a question in one of several science categories (the McMagnet teacher’s science book is being used as the source for questions).  Get it right and you get to pull a Jenga block out of the tower in the middle of the board and use it to begin building your own tower.  The person who makes the tower fall automatically loses, while the other player with the tallest tower at that time wins the game.

So, four very different and interesting games, filled with dimension, tactile activities, right choices, science knowledge, and all-around fun.  I’ll report back on these when we see how they turn out.  AND, I’ll post the commercials for the games each team is making as part of their final submission.  Yes, BIMS is more fun than it has to be! :)

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