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by gwilson on Aug.30, 2012, under A Day in the Life...

GW 001Our program thrives on feedback from graduates, unsolicited comments that help us shape and improve our program.  It is one of two things we ask of every BIMS graduate:  stay in touch and let us know what we are doing well and where we need change.  The other thing we ask is for them to be successful and change the world. :)

So it is not a surprise that we have heard back from a student who is in his first year of medical school.  He provided his topic list for the first week or so of medical school, with a comment that a week of medical school includes a semester of biochemistry.  That, and the emphasis on metabolism and physiology, are signals to us to be sure our pre-med students are advised into particular courses and that our required courses emphasize important topics.  We want our students to be successful and prepared.  So every comment from alums is considered valuable to that end.

Next week, I will be giving the welcome for the faculty to the students of McMurry at our Fall Convocation.  The key point I will make is that faculty are not the enemy – we are the allies who work with students to achieve success.  The enemies are laziness, distraction, and lack of discipline that cause students to lose their focus on what is important to their future.  They need to devote everything within them to growth of body, mind, and spirit during their four years of college.  We, the faculty, are devoting our efforts to help this happen; they need to do their part as well.

Faculty are in an unusual position of giving away to students everything they have learned in order to allow their students to achieve greater things than they thought possible.  It is an unselfish and totally satisfying career.  But I digress…  :)  Suffice it to say that this week’s feedback from our med student alum is rewarding – a student says “thanks” and moves forward to achieve his dream.  Our program learns valuable information that can be applied to give others that same advantage in professional school.  And the sweet rewards of being a college faculty member are realized.

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Making Sausage

by gwilson on Jul.21, 2010, under A Day in the Life...

DSCN3500I’ve often heard that politics is like making sausage – you don’t want to know what goes on behind the closed doors!  I have a new appreciation for that mental image after being involved in the BIMS labs renovation this summer.  Behind the closed doors of the construction area things are going on with little visible indication of progress being made…and we’re supposed to be in the labs in about three weeks.  I think it is safe to say – we’ll be moving into the labs in September! Arghh!

Construction is a bit like a living organism – what you see on the surface belies all that must happen metabolically and genetically deep within.  In construction, those underlying activities are plumbing and electrical and cabling and ductwork.  Without the infrastructure, the surface appearance is meaningless – the unseen stuff is what makes the seen stuff work.  All of us at McMurry and in Biomedical Science are eagerly awaiting the day when the chaos of construction transitions into the order of new spaces and we can move on to our purpose – teaching and research with bright students.

We are not waiting for completion of construction to begin readying ourselves for the fall semester.  In the works are alternative educational activities until the labs are ready – simulations, field trips, etc.  We also are busy ordering the equipment and supplies that will go into those spaces.  So, when we get the go-ahead to occupy the labs there will be a flurry of activity transforming spaces into teaching and research labs.  You are all invited to come visit and see for yourselves why great excitement fills the air on campus.

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