Dependent Verification form V1 - V5

All student's requiring a Dependent Verification form V1 - V5 must complete the Financial Aid Application and Texas Residency Forms first. Once those are received, the appropriate Verification form will be sent to you.

Please contact Financial Aid with any questions by emailing us at

Grant Overpayment

CONTACT YOUR FINANCIAL AID COUNSELOR. You may have been overpaid on a Federal Grant.

Minister's Dependent Scholarship Instructions

The Minister's Dependent Scholarship is for full-time undergraduate study, given to the dependent child or spouse of a United Methodist Minister, under appointment. Participants must meet all of the requirements for admission to the University and must meet the University Satisfactory Academic Policy for eligibility.
The award is $1,500 per year for a maximum of eight semesters of full-time undergraduate study.
Please contact the financial aid department to request this form at

NSLDS Loan Issues

There is a possibility that you may have been over awarded on your Federal Student Loans lifetime eligibility. Please contact your Financial Aid counselor as soon as possible.

Parent or Student Tax Return

Federal Regulation prohibits the Financial Aid Department, under most circumstances, from using Federal Tax Returns to complete the verification process.
Please do not send your Federal Tax Return unless we have specifically requested it.

Parent Social Security Card

Please provide a copy of your parent's social security card. This copy will only be used to resolve any discrepancies during the verification process.

Plus Endorser Instructions

You have indicated on your Plus Loan application that you will use an endorser on your Plus Loan. Your endorser will need to go to and complete the Endorser's Addendum. Your loan cannot be processed until this is complete.

Plus Loan Instructions
Proof of Citizenship
Proof of Selective Service
Homeless/Emancipated/Ward of the Court/Legal Guardianship

Emancipation or Legal Guardianship

  • An emancipated minor will have been legally (through the courts, not an attorney) released from control of their parent or guardian.
  • Students in legal guardianship are NOT in legal care of their parents.
  • Please provide the legal court document indicating the legal status of the student

Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

    Incoming Freshman

    • Please provide the financial aid office with the McKinney-Vento paperwork from your high school counselor.

    Sophomore, Junior, and Seniors

    • Please provide the financial aid office with a letter from two individuals, not related to you, explaining your situation as a homeless risk. Preferably a pastor or someone outside of your family who is familiar with your situation.

    Ward of the Court

    • A student is a ward of the court if the court has assumed legal custody of him/her. If the student remains in the legal custody of the parent, or is incarcerated, they are NOT a ward of the court.
    • Please provide the legal court document indicating the legal status of the student.
Thank You Card

You may complete your thank you card online at: .